7 Garden Features That Will Bring Benefits To The Seasons

Gardens are an increasingly sought-after feature of homes, with residents placing a great value upon the comfort and utility that offer. This popularity, especially in the wake of rising remote working employment, has led to an increase in property value, and homes with gardens have risen significantly over the previous few years.

There are, however, a few caveats. Gardens typically require maintenance and, alongside this ongoing management, they can also prevent a property from being truly considered a lock up and leave home, preventing residents from spontaneous or long-term trips away. Additionally, if not designed appropriately, the extra investment spent on the property can lead to little return, with gardens seldom being enjoyed in cold and wet weather.

To counteract this, and to see more homes make use of their outdoor spaces all year round, we’re sharing seven garden features that will bring benefits to your home during the various seasons.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are an amazing focal point for garden spaces, not only being aesthetically handsome but also wonderful social features, encouraging friends and family to spend time outdoors even during colder seasons.

They can easily be incorporated into dining set-ups, creating a cosy outdoor experience, or can become part of the cooking routine, being used to BBQ or roast dishes.

Log Cabin

Having a private and cosy outdoor space, inspired by elegant log cabins, one that can be used as a reading nook, guest house, or even home office, will ensure that a garden is a consistent part of the home even during the colder and wetter months.

Heat Lamps

For those who enjoy outdoor dining or even spending social evenings outdoors, a heat lamp is a simple and compact addition to a garden that can make a huge difference, ensuring that friends and family remain warm even as the sun sets.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs might be a costly investment but they bring a great deal of benefit to a garden space throughout every season. During the summer, they offer a cool and refreshing space within which to relax and, during winter, they recreate the sauna experience, allowing homeowners to warm up beneath the stars.

Raised Beds

Having a raised bed, one that is dedicated to growing one’s own produce, means that a garden remains useful even when it is unoccupied. With only a small amount of controlled soil, vegetables, fruits, and herbs can be grown, bringing greater nutrition and flavour to a home.

Robot Mower

If the ongoing maintenance of a garden space is something that deters you from taking on such a property, then you may be glad to hear that there are now a number of gadgets that can alleviate the responsibility, including robot mowers that will tend to grass cutting automatically.

Clay Oven

Building one’s own clay oven outdoors is a significant endeavour. However, for the dedicated chef who is looking to take their pizzas and bread to the next level, clay ovens are the pinnacle of creativity. As well as producing unrivalled flavours, they are also a stunning garden feature and will ensure your popularity with guests.

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