7 Ways Your Home Can Make You A Better Cook

If you are often inspired by the Great British Bake Off or think you could outshine Jamie Oliver, then it might be time to think about how you can take your cooking to the next level. One of the best ways this can be done is through a home’s design, with even small changes to living spaces being able to totally transform and develop a resident’s culinary ability.

To show you how, we’re sharing seven ways that a home can make you a better cook!

Optimised Kitchen Space

One of the core differences between a professional kitchen and a personal cooking space is organisation and storage. Professional kitchens are designed to accommodate the tools and space needed to create dishes, a concept known as mise en place, which certain homes often lack. Think about how your kitchen can be improved, such as by hanging pans and utensils from the ceiling or by adding a modular food preparation space to its layout.

Window Garden

A home’s window sills are the ideal location for a small herb and spice garden. With the addition of just a few pots, kitchens will have continued access to fresh flavours and a range of garnishes to elevate a finished dish.

Pizza Oven

While the name might suggest an asset geared entirely toward the production of delicious pizzas, these wood-burning ovens can be used for a multitude of dishes, especially when it comes to baking bread. Traditional pizza ovens will not only elevate the flavour and presentation of dishes but will also impress guests and can become a focal point to dinner parties.

Growing One’s Own

Instead of flower beds, it is worth considering vegetable patches. Home-growing and homesteading are becoming immensely popular, with lawn space utilised for production and sheds swapped for cosy log cabins. By growing one’s own vegetables and fruits, dishes will begin to taste better and even feel better, since there is an immense joy that comes from creating a meal from seed to serving.

Pantry Space

Storage is a key component of cooking at home and a well-designed pantry can open a great many possibilities for the home chef. In addition to expanding the home’s capacity for dried goods, such as spices and grains, pantries are also ideal for storing pickles, vinegars, and ferments too, which can each be an effective addition to elevate dishes.

Chest Freezer

Being able to freeze ingredients and prepared foods was once thought to lower their quality. However, now chefs are celebrating the freezer and showcasing how effective they can be at supporting culinary endeavours. For those wanting to expand their menu while also saving money, a larger chest freezer is a great investment.

Cookbook Shelving

Creating space in your kitchen for sturdy and spacious shelving can be the perfect platform to decorate your cooking space with an array of cookbooks. Along with the resources and inspiration such toms will bring to your kitchen, they also help to add a culinary aesthetic that can impress guests.

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