A Quick Guide To Understanding Janitorial Cleaning Services

A janitorial cleaning company maintains residential, institutional and business washrooms sparkling clean. A janitorial cleaning company is different from a professional cleaning company. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably. It is, therefore, critical to specify what you need when sourcing school cleaning services.

 What are Janitorial cleaning services?

 A janitorial cleaning company is responsible for cleaning and maintaining restrooms. The services rendered by such a company are:

  • Cleaning, scrubbing and tying bathrooms, windows, and floors
  • Replenishing toiletries such as toilet papers and hand washing soap
  • Taking out trash
  • Cleaning the pantry
  • Replenishing supplies in the pantry

What are cleaning services?

A professional cleaning company is hired to maintain and tidy up residential, commercial and learning institution premises. Some of the services offered include:

  • Tile cleaning
  • Carpet and rug vacuuming
  • Window cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Cleaning upholstery

What’s the thin line between janitorial cleaning services and professional cleaning companies?

The two are generally daily or routine cleaning services. However, commercial cleaning services are hired occasionally and involve intense tasks such as cleaning carpets and upholstery. On the other hand, janitorial cleaning services are daily tasks and don’t require specialities.

Janitorial services in schools

Janitorial cleaning services in a school are critical in safeguarding learners’ health and dignity of learners. Neglected washrooms in a school is an eyesore and a risk of spreading illnesses.

Why is a school a unique client?

A learning institution is a unique client because there are:

  • Many learners of varying ages
  • The learners can spend up to eight hours in the institution
  • The washrooms are numerous are may be situated in blocks
  • The washrooms are assigned to children of different genders
  • Teachers and adults have a different washrooms
  • The support staff in the school have their separate washrooms
  • Neglected washrooms can be a source of an outbreak

 Other services include:

  • Replenishing toilet supplies
  • Disposing sanitary bins
  • Emptying trashcans in classes and offices
  • Clearing up mess and accident spillovers

Why should a school hire commercial janitorial cleaning services?

1.    Reduce the risk of illnesses

Hiring janitorial services in a school ensures germs and bacteria do not get a breeding place. Therefore, janitors reduce the risk of diseases and keep the institution a healthy and safe learning place. Further, a janitorial cleaning service is crucial because

2.    They maintain the school in good condition

 Janitorial services maintain the school in its best condition. A school has many expensive facilities, and cleaning ensures they serve many learners in the future.

3.    Reduce the possibility of injuries

When a spillover or mess is not cleaned up, it increases the possibility of accidents for students and teachers. For instance, if a student spills food on the floor can cause slips and falls to other learners. However, janitorial services ensure that such mess is cleaned up immediately. A school can have many similar incidences, including a broken bulb, furniture, and more.


Janitorial cleaning services are essential in a learning institution. Washrooms should be maintained clean to promote learners’ dignity, health, and reduce the risk of illnesses and promote health.

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