How Do I Design My Own Custom Fence Sign?

Whether it is a small business, large corporation, or a residential complex, custom signage is one of the most popular methods of advertising globally. A well-made custom fence sign is a great way to attract potential customers and increase revenue for your business. Although the internet and digital marketing have overtaken most of the marketing for most brands around the globe, fence and yard signs still have their unmatched irresistible charm.

While in the past it might have been challenging to design your own custom sign, the task has become much simpler during recent years. There is a wide range of custom signage materials in the market, and almost every signage company allows you to submit your own design according to your advertising needs. There are several tips to take a closer look at and to keep in mind when you are designing and ordering your own custom fence signs.

Design of the Fence Sign

While most signage manufacturers offer graphic design services, you can send your own design to them. You can either send them a ready-to-print design or a general sketch of your idea according to your advertising requirements.

It is important to remember that the more complex the design, the higher the cost and production timeline. You can choose between different types of printing, including screen printing, decals, colored lettering, etc. The choice of design techniques also largely depends on your choice of material.

Material of the Fence Sign

There is a wide range of materials available in the market for high-quality custom signs, including Aluminum, wood, plastic, coroplast, cardboard, and more. The choice of material depends mostly on your budget and advertising needs.

For instance, a weather-resistant material like Aluminum or coroplast is better suited for outdoor signs. Both of these materials also require less upkeep and regular maintenance to remain in good condition. On the other hand, a material like wood might be a good choice for an indoor sign.

Size & Shape of the Fence Sign

The size and shape of the fence sign depend on your design needs. For example, a circular design will look better on a circular sign, etc. When it comes to custom sizes and shapes, all fence sign materials are highly flexible, and you can easily choose the size according to your design and sign placement location.

Additionally, the thickness of materials like Aluminum and plastic can also be modified according to your advertising needs and budget. A thinner sign with a simpler design might suit you better if you have a tight marketing budget and need to have a sign made for less money.

Other Factors

The custom fence sign you get made for your business might also depend on other factors like the foot traffic around the area, local weather conditions, fence placement, etc. Depending on where and how you want your sign to be, its size, shape, thickness, and the material will be different. Sign placement is also important since it will determine things like whether the sign will need punching holes for hanging, etc.

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