Choosing The Right Garden Furniture For Your Climate

Making sure that you’ve got a good set of garden furniture is critical when it comes to being able to enjoy some garden time. Especially in the summer months, it’s likely that you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, and, as such, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got a nice place to relax.

But gardens aren’t just about appearance, they’re also about practicality. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure that you’ve got some comfy, durable, and versatile pieces of garden furniture in your backyard so that you and your family are able to enjoy the outdoor comfortably and safely.

To help, we’re sharing a few tips and ideas that you should take into consideration when choosing the right garden furniture.

  • Focus on colour: Making sure that your garden looks visually appealing is important, and as such, it’s important that your garden furniture matches its surroundings. One of the most noticeable ways to do this is by making sure that the colour scheme matches the surroundings. A natural-looking brown colour can often look like tree bark from a distance, and, if placed correctly, can blend in with the greenery and complement the garden.
  • Plastic furniture isn’t as good as you think: It might seem like the go-to when it comes to garden furniture for many people, but in actual fact, there are also many drawbacks to it. While plastic is good in that it won’t rot away or rust, keep in mind that it’s also very light. If it’s often windy in your area, there’s a big chance that your tables and chairs will be blown away whilst you’re out! Also, plastic furniture doesn’t tend to look that visually appealing.
  • Consider getting rattan garden furniture: Rattan garden furniture is fantastic, not only for its aesthetic but its practicality too. Made from palms found mostly in Southeast Asia, rattan is a very versatile material. Not only is it natural, and thus will blend in well with your garden, but it’s also waterproof. On top of that, it doesn’t come with the negatives of plastic furniture in that it’s unlikely to blow away!
  • Buy a waterproof cover: If you’re really insistent on having garden furniture that’s made out of metal or wood, then it’s always a good idea to cover them with a waterproof cover when you’re not using them. When it comes to UK weather, expect the unexpected and don’t just assume that it won’t rain!

If buying wood, make sure it’s good quality: Wooden garden furniture also tends to look really nice. However, keep in mind that when it rains, the wood is likely to get damp and rot over time. That’s why, if you want to make sure that it has a long lifespan, then you should purchase good quality wood. You should also make sure that you treat it roughly once a year by using special oils and sealants

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