How To Transform A Shed Into A Guest Room

While having guests visit is often a great experience; laughter rings through the halls, meals are shared, and memories are made, it can also be disruptive to the regular home routine. To counter this, many homeowners are constructing separate spaces on their property to serve as guest quarters.

Building costs in the UK are high and with so many building materials to choose from, it’s likely that you’re going to need to do some research on what will work best for your home addition without breaking the bank in the process.

Many homeowners prefer to forego a high capital outlay, instead of purchasing premade garden sheds to serve different purposes, including doubling up as a guest room.

If this idea has piqued your interest, then read on because we’re going to discuss how to transform the once-humble wooden shack into a private space that will have visitors coming back again and again.

Colour Scheme

Elect a colour scheme that not only reflects your personal taste, but that will also have your guests feeling at home the moment they walk through the door. We suggest cool colours such as blues and greens for their relaxation-inducing properties.

Drywall & Insulation

Install drywall in your cabin to divide the space into separate rooms, for example, a bedroom, small kitchenette, and a bathroom. Drywall is also more fire-resistant than raw wood. Insulation will regulate the temperature of the space, keeping it warm in winter and cool in the hot, summer months


Incorporate furnishings into the space that match your colour scheme. Experiment with different textures, fabrics, and multifunctional furniture pieces, such as a daybed, given the space limitations. If your space is going to have a kitchen, install energy-saving appliances; they contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and ‘sleep’ when not in use, decreasing your utility account even more.

Solar Heating

If your budget allows, consider installing solar panels on the roof over the shed to heat water so that your guests can enjoy a hot bath or shower after the activities of the day. Add some personal touches to the bathroom, such as fresh flowers from your garden, or aromatic oils to scent the bathwater.

Bedding & Towels

High-quality bedding and large, fluffy towels are two items that make any guest feel like they are being given five-star treatment, so invest in the best that your money can buy. Stark white linen is an excellent option because you can change the look of the bed simply by changing items that accompany it, such as scatter cushions or throws.

There are also a number of environmental considerations you can take. With a large focus now being on saving water, ask your guests to re-use their towels, with an agreement to change them every three days, should your visitors be enjoying an extended stay.

These are a few ideas to get you started on creating a comfortable guest space right in the middle of your garden.

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