Getting the Most Out of Your New Garden

As the UK’s housing market continues to experience an especially robust period, there are a great number of residents purchasing their own home for the first time. And, largely motivated by the previous year’s lockdowns, many are seeking out homes with garden spaces. The garden, it is now said, is one of the most sought after property assets according to estate agents, with buyers looking to secure their out patch of nature.

There is, however, a hurdle for these green-thumbed enthusiasts. Gardens can be surprisingly hard work. Additionally, if not properly tended to, they are likely to be enjoyed only during the hot, summer months, reducing the potential return on investment. As such, it is in the interest of every homeowner to keep their garden in good condition, not only to stop the neighbours complaining but to also ensure that it can be enjoyed year-round.

Rain Or Shine

Living within the UK means dealing with the changeable and overall wet weather. This can be a hindrance to gardens since few people want to be outside as it pours with rain. There are, however, methods that enable residents to enjoy their garden in cold or wet weather and, promising the right measures are taken, a garden can become an enjoyable space even in the winter months.

Hardy trees and bushes not only build upon the garden’s natural beauty but are also great for protecting the space from winds and rainfall. Manufactured covers can also be useful, especially those that can be easily retracted or moved, enabling residents to quickly cover portions of the garden should they feel drizzle arriving.

A Reason To Visit

If a garden is empty but for the grass, then there will be fewer reasons to sit outside than if there are potential activities to enjoy. Assets for hobbies, such as exercise equipment or cookery contraptions, encourage gardens to be used for more than just relaxation and can help personal interests flourish too.

Even a simple feature for outdoor dining can encourage you, as well as friends and family, to enjoy the outdoors. Large wooden tables, rattan corner dining sets, and a heat lamp or two for the colder evenings can be all that is needed for a perfect meal outdoors.

Utilise The Soil

While there is an immense joy to be found in taming your garden space, curbing the weeds and seeing your flowers prosper, there are many foods that can be grown too, even in relatively small spaces. As organic produce and locality become increasingly important for many residents, using one’s garden as a rudimentary smallholding is becoming increasingly popular.

Even for those who aren’t able or willing to sacrifice larger portions of the land, pots and vertical spaces, such as fences and walls, have great potential for growing casual amounts of food. Many herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be grown quite surprisingly easily and people are often surprised to see how abundant even a single pot can be.

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