How to Build a Walk-in Closet in Your Master Bedroom

Lacking proper storage space for your carefully selected wardrobe can be frustrating. Since we invest money in high-quality items, we should do our best to avoid cramming them in a closet. This is why many homeowners dream of having a walk-in closet where all of their items will be neatly displayed and preserved.

If you don’t have a walk-in closet, but you have the extra space, we’ve got you covered. Ideally, you would have the closet built within your master bedroom to have easy access to your clothes. However, any other part of your house or apartment will work as well. With innovative building materials like magnesium oxide panels, getting the closet of your dreams will be a piece of cake.

We have compiled a list of steps you should follow when undertaking this mini project. These will help you create an outline and figure out potential expenses. Continue reading to find out how to add a walk-in closet within your master bedroom.

Prepping Is Half the Work

Your first step towards your goal should be procuring any sort of build you might need. In most cases, people choose to integrate their closet into an already existing room. That’s why finding a material that can serve as a divider is crucial. Magnesium oxide boards present an optimal choice due to their flattering properties. Not only are they extremely easy to work with, but they’re also light, builder-friendly material.

The first step is choosing the size and thickness of your MgO board. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to decide on its placement. Experts suggest two viable options for fitting a MagPanel as a walk-in closet choice. You can either frame an alcove or frame space along the already existing walls.

We highly advise drawing a rough sketch before getting any work done. This way, you can plan the layout of your new closet and maximize its full potential. Not to mention the money you’ll save once you have a clear picture of the material you’ll need to procure.

Building Process

Now that you have everything prepared and planned, it’s high time to put it in motion. Needless to say, you should start with magnesium oxide panels as they are the basis of your new closet. These panels are non-toxic and mold resistant, making them a perfect choice for your master bedroom.

Once the MgOBoard installation is complete, you can move onto the next pressing matter — storage. Consider the elements you want to incorporate into your space. Do you need extra hanging space or maybe more drawers and shelves? These minuscule decisions will shape the look of your walk-in closet.

Don’t go over the top — stick to a minimalistic functional design instead. Before adding shelves, set some kind of foundation. This usually means starting with woodwork. If DIY is not your strong suit, you can always hire a professional. Once the basic setup is finished, it’s time to install the main units and then move onto the hangers and drawers.

Finishing Touches

Since you’ve finished the bulk of the work, set the mood by adding some thoughtful finishing touches that go with your overall style. Your brand new walk-in closet should act as your safe space, so make it feel comfortable. Add an ottoman or a comfy chair if you have enough room. For extra coziness, you can add a soft fluffy rug to keep your feet warm.

Also, install appropriate lighting for a pleasant atmosphere, but one that can illuminate the entire room. But make sure the light isn’t too blinding or unflattering. Naturally, you will need at least one mirror. With so many options available, we still suggest opting for a classic full-length mirror to help you plan all outfits.

Now that your closet is executed to perfection, you can finally start putting your clothes and shoes where they belong. Take your time, savor the moment and enjoy the result of your hard work. Getting ready will no longer seem like a dull few minutes when you finally have the closet of your dreams.

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